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What is the LIC Full Form

LIC Full Form
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LIC Full Form is Life Insurance Corporation

LIC meaning is Life Insurance Corporation. It is an Indian Government based organization and it was established in 1956. Its headquarters was established in Mumbai, India. It offers many products in the field of finance and insurance like Life insurance, Health insurance, Investment management, and Mutual fund. It has various subsidiaries like LIC Housing Finance, LIC International Ltd, LIC Cards Services Ltd, LIC Mutual Fund Ltd, LIC Pension Fund Ltd, and IDBI Bank. It was established under the Act of Parliament – LIC Act 1956.

LIC Full Form is Laudetur Lesus Christus

LIC stands for Laudetur Iesus Christus. It is also known as Laudetur Jesus Christus and in the Latin language, it’s called Praised be Jesus Christ. It is a salutation used in the Catholic

LIC Full Form is a License

LIC long-form is License. It is spelt in various ways in US English and in British English. In US English it’s called license and in British English, it’s called the licence. It is an official document used as permission to do a specific job. The license can be a driving permit for driving, an arms license, a hunter’s license for hunting birds, etc.

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LIC Full Form is Licentiate

LIC definition is Licentiate. It is a graduate-level degree program and it covers 3 to 4 years of study program in the field of teaching. This degree program is offered in the European Union.

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LIC Full Form is Ligand-gated Ion Channel

We can define LIC as a Ligand-gated ion channel. Also known as ionotropic receptors, it is a group of ion channel membrane proteins that open to allow ions to pass through the membrane in response to chemical binding messages such as neurotransmitters.

LIC Full Form is Ligation-Independent Cloning

LIC meaning is Ligation-independent cloning. LIC is a type of molecular cloning that is able to be performed without the use of restriction endonucleases or DNA ligase. It was developed in the early 1990s as an alternative to restriction enzyme/ligase cloning.

LIC Full Form is Line Integral Convolution

LIC stands for line integral convolution. It is a technique that is used in scientific visualization to visualize a vector field for example a fluid motion, such as the wind movement in a tornado. Brian Cabral and Leith Leedom are the inventors of this technique.

LIC Full Form is Listed Investment Company

LIC long-form is a Listed investment company. LIC is an Australian-based closed-end collective investment program like closed-end funds in the United States of America and investment trusts in the United Kingdom.

LIC Full Form is Lithium-Ion Capacitor

LIC definition is the Livestock Improvement Corporation. LIC is a hybrid form of capacitor that is classified as a type of supercapacitor.

LIC Full Form is the Livestock Improvement Corporation

We can define LIC as Livestock Improvement Corporation. It is a New Zealand-based multinational farmers’ company established in the year of 1909. The main purpose of this organization is to increase the prosperity of farmers with the help of productivity. It offers many products and services to the dairy farming business-related people like dairy farming consultancy, farm automation, herd testing, artificial insemination services, computerized herd management, quality bull semen, and specialist genetics expertise.

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LIC Full Form is Local Interstellar Cloud

LIC meaning is Local Interstellar Cloud. LIC is also commonly called Local Fluff. It is basically the empty bubble of hydrogen and helium gases through which our solar system is moving. According to some sources its size is approximately 30 light-years.

LIC Full Form is Long Island City

LIC stands for Long Island City. It is a densely populated and redeveloped industrial area along the East River in Queens. Long Island City is a combination of residential and commercial areas and it’s known for its gleaming high-rises with sweeping views of Manhattan. It consists of various facilities in the innovative art galleries and performance spaces, as well as pockets of trendy bars and restaurants. LIC attracts local artists and new coming professionals.

LIC Full Form is Low-Intensity Conflict

LIC definition is Low-intensity conflict. It is the type of military conflict at a low level among the two states, military forces of two states or military to non-state militant groups.

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