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What is the SKU Full Form

SKU Full Form
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SKU Full Form is Stock Keeping Unit

SKU meaning is the stock keeping unit. It is the scannable bar code printed on the product for inventory management purposes. It is an efficient and easiest way to record-keeping and inventory management. It is a unique identifier available on the products and should not be reused with the same number for any product.

SKU Full Form is Sveriges Kommunistiska Ungdomsförbund

SKU stands for Sveriges Kommunistiska Ungdomsförbund. In the English language, it’s called the Young Communist League of Sweden. It was based on the ideology of Marxist, socialist, and feminist youth organizations. It was established in 1903 and dissolved in 1970. Its headquarters was established in Kungsgatan 84, Stockholm.

SKU Is The IATA Code Of Skyros Island National Airport

IATA code of Skyros Island National Airport is SKU. It is a public and military-type airport located in Skyros, Greece. It was operated as a civil airport since it was established in 1984.

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