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What is the Development Short Form

Development Short Form
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Development Short Form

The development has various types of short form and according to different industries, different short forms are used. Some short forms of development are given below:

WordIndustryShort Form
DevelopmentTechnology, IT, Project Management, Oil, Gas, Medical, Accounting,Dev
DevelopmentReal Estate, Literaturedevel
DevelopmentForces, MilitaryDevl

What is development?

Development can be defined in various ways according to the industry. its plural noun is developments. Some of the definitions of development are given below:

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  • Development is the process of developing or being developed. Such as “He is tracking the development of his project”.
  • Development is an event constituting a new stage in a changing situation.
    “We don’t think that there have been any new developments since last year”
  • Development is a new and refined product or idea.
    “World have found some latest developments in the information technology sector”
  • Development is a specified state of growth or advancement.
    “In the specified types of birds, the wings achieved their maximum development several hours after their birth”

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