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Piece or Pieces Short Form

Pieces Short form

Pieces or Pieces short form is a very common short form but correct abbreviation depends on the industry to industry. Because different industries are using different short forms. But the most common Pieces short form is PC or PCs.

Piece or Pieces Meaning

There are different types of definitions piece is a portion of an object or of material, produced by breaking, cutting, or tearing the whole object. This definition is used as a noun. For example piece of a meat. Pieces are the plural of piece and in abbreviation, we can add ‘s’ at the end of PC like PCs.


What are Pieces?

Pieces are short pieces of something.

What does it mean to form?

Forming means making it into a single, unified entity or organization.

What is the example of pieces?

The piece is an individual thing from a particular category or type of object. There are some examples of pieces are a piece of drawing paper or a piece of furniture, a piece of clothing, etc.

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