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Gallon Short Form

Gallon Short Form
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Gallon Short Form

Gallon short form is gal, GL, G, etc. The most common Gallon abbreviation is “gal” in measurement.

What is Gallon?

Gallon is an archaic measure of liquid material such as gasoline, water, and milk volume that corresponds to the capacity of a gallon (US). There are many other measurements that are more common, including liters, quarts, and Kg. Nearly every country has different measurements of volume.

How much does 1 gallon mean?

The United States has 5 US gallons in a US gallon, which is defined as 231 cubic inches. It is used in the Caribbean countries as well as Latin American countries.
The UK uses the imperial gallon, which is taller and has a capacity of 277.4 cubic inches or 4.54609 liters. Finally, Australia uses the metric gallon with an equivalent capacity of 3785.4 cubic inches.

One gallon consists of 4 quarts or 3.785 liters.

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