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What is GCP Full Form

GCP Full Form
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GCP Full Form is the Google Cloud Platform

GCP stands for Google Cloud Platform and it is a part of Google Cloud. It was launched in 2008 and written in C++, Go, Java, Python, and Ruby. This platform is a suite of cloud computing that belongs to the industry of Web service and cloud computing. It runs on the same platform that is commonly used by Google and other products like Google Search Engine, file storage, YouTube, Gmail, etc.

GCP Full Form is Google Cloud Print

GCP meaning is Google Cloud Print. It is the cloud-based printing service offered by Google. It allowed the users to print their documents that know the cloud printer. GCP shut down its operation on December 31, 2020.

GCP Full Form is Good Clinical Practice

GCP long-form is Good Clinical Practice. It is the international quality standard for the protection of humans by using the regulations under the GCP guidelines. It follows the ICH (International Council on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human) Use. It is an international ethical and scientific quality standard for the monitoring, auditing, design, recording, analyses, conduct, performance, and reporting of clinical trials.

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GCP Full Form is Ground Control Points

GCP definition is Ground control points. These are the reference points available on the surface of the earth. These points are used for georeferencing on the known location. These points can be downloaded from different sources and used for reference.

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GCP Full Form is Games Computers Play

We can define GCP as Games Computers Play. It was launched in the 1980s by Gardner Pomper and Greg Hogg for multiplayer games with the help of a graphical user interface.

GCP Full Form is Groupement des Commandos Parachutistes

GCP stands for Groupement des commandos parachutistes. In the English language, it’s called Commando Parachute Group. It is the pathfinder group like airborne light infantry that belongs to the 11th Parachute Brigade of the French Army. GCP was established in 1965 and still serving in French Army.

GCP Full Form is a Group of Popular Combatants

GCP meaning is Group of Popular Combatants. In the Spanish language, its called Grupos de Combatientes Populares. It is the armed wing of the Marxist–Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador established in 1964. GCP is a far-left insurgent movement active in the Republic of Ecuador.

GCP Full Form is Grand Central Parkway

GCP definition is Grand Central Parkway. It is a parkway that was built from the Triborough Bridge in New York City to Nassau County on Long Island. It is 14.61 miles long road and was built in 1936.

GCP Full Form is the Global Consciousness Project

We can define GCP as the Global Consciousness Project. It is also known as EGG and started in 1998. GCP is a parapsychology experiment begun as an attempt to detect possible interactions of “global consciousness” with physical systems.

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GCP Full Form is the German Communist Party

GCP stands for German Communist Party. In the German language its called Deutsche Kommunistische Partei. It was formed in 1968 and headquartered in Hoffnungstraße 18, 45127 Essen, Germany.

GCP Full Form is Global Charity Project

GCP meaning is Global Charity Project. It is students who run a charitable project established at Marymount University. The main purpose of this fund is to use for international and domestic sustainable development projects.

GCP Full Form is a Global Carbon Project

GCP long-form is Global Carbon Project. It was established in 2001 at Stanford University for measuring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The budget of this organization is dedicated to three main gases methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. Under this project, notable efforts have been done in urban, regional, cumulative, and negative emissions areas.

GCP Full Form is Grand Central Partnership

GCP definition is Grand Central Partnership. It is a business district located in New York City established in 1986. The main focus of this facility is to care for the Business Improvement District surrounding Grand Central Terminal stretching, roughly, from 35th to 54th Streets and from Second to Fifth Avenues.

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