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What is the LED Full Form

LED Full Form
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LED Full Form is Light-Emitting Diode

The LED definition is a Light-emitting diode. LED is an electronic device that transmits light when a current passes through it. In this process, the electron combines with the holes and then recombines with the holes then it emits energy in the shape of photons. The colours of light depend on this process and it has various colours. It was first time produced in 1962.

LED Full Form is Local Economic Development

LED meaning is Local Economic Development. LED is a well-known approach to economic development in developing countries, which, as the name implies, places great emphasis on activities in and by cities, counties, and regions. Local economic development combines economic development, urban planning, infrastructure development, and social development activities to improve local conditions. LEDs cover a wide range of disciplines including physical, economic, and marketing planning with the aim of developing the local economic capabilities of the region to improve its economic future and quality of life for all.

LED Railway Station Code of Ledbury Railway Station

Ledbury Railway Station code is LED. This railway is located in Ledbury town of England. Ledbury railway station has offered regular services to Birmingham plus several direct trains a day to London Paddington.

LED is the IATA Code of Pulkovo Airport

Pulkovo Airport IATA code is LED. In the Russian language its called  Аэропорт Пулково. It is an international airport located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is the hub of various airlines like Rossiya Airlines, S7 Airlines, Smartavia, Ural Airlines, and Wizz Air. Saint Petersburg City Administration is the owner of this airport. This airport is serving Saint Petersburg, as well as the Leningrad Oblast.