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What is the CBSE Full Form

CBSE Full Form
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CBSE Full Form is the Central Board of Secondary Education

CBSE meaning is Central Board of Secondary Education. It is the national-level education organization for controlling the schools in all of India. It is the government board established in 1962 and its headquarters is located in New Delhi, India. Many schools from India and abroad are affiliated with this board. This board is operating under the Ministry of Education in India. In countries where the population of Indian citizens is more than the actual population or in countries whose main population is from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, etc. The Indian Embassy established CBSE schools and allowed Indians or locals to set up private CBSE schools to meet the needs of Indians in the country. In countries where Indians do not live, Indian diplomatic missions have established schools in countries such as Russia and Iran that primarily serve the children of diplomats.

CBSE Full Form is Component-Based Software Engineering

CBSE stands for Component-based software engineering. This is an area of software development that deals with separating concerns about the wide range of features available in a particular software system and it is also called components-based development. It is also a useful way to explain, apply and integrate interconnected components into systems. This program aims to provide significant benefits for the software itself and the organizations that support such software in the short and long term.

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