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What is the ATG Full Form

ATG Full Form
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ATG Full Form is Anti Thymocyte Globulin

ATG meaning is Anti Thymocyte Globulin. It is the type of antibody against the human T cells and ATG was derived from the horse and rabbit infusion. It is used for acute rejection during organ transplantation.

ATG Full Form is the Advanced Technology Group of Apple

ATG stands for Advanced Technology Group. ATG is a research laboratory operating from 1986 to 1997. The purpose of this organization is to develop new technologies.

ATG Full Form is Aviation Technology Group

ATG long-form is Aviation Technology Group. It is an American-based private aviation company and it was established in 2000 by George Bye. Its headquarters was located in Englewood, Colorado, USA.

ATG Full Form is Alaska Territorial Guard

ATG’s definition is Alaska Territorial Guard. It was more commonly known as the Eskimo Scouts and it is part of the reserve force of the USA Military. It was established in 1942 and dissolved in 1947. Its headquarters is located in Juneau, Alaska Territory, United States of America and its nickname is Eskimo Scouts.

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ATG Full Form is Anti-Tank Gun

We can define ATG as Anti-Tank Gun. It is the type of weapon used as an anti-tank and it was developed by Germany during World War I. Later it was used widely during World War II and now a days it has various advanced versions of this weapon system.

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ATG Full Form is an Alternative Tourism Group

ATG meaning is Alternative Tourism Group. It is a tourism group that is based in Palestinian and located in Bethlehem. It is NGO based company and it was established in 1995.

ATG Full Form is Ankara Tren Garı

ATG stands for Ankara Tren Garı. It is also called Ankara YHT railway station and is most commonly known as Ankara Railway Station. In the Turkish language its called Ankara Yüksek Hızlı Tren Garı. This building is used for various types of commercial purposes like five-star hotels, offices, shopping malls, train stations, etc.

ATG Full Form is Art Technology Group

ATG’s definition is Art Technology Group. It is an internet technology company established in 1990 by Jeet Singh and Joseph Chung. Its headquarters is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America. It is providing various types of application optimization as well as eCommerce software.

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