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What is October Short Form

October Short form
October short form and Short form of October

October Short Form is Oct

October short form is Oct. October is the tenth month of Julian and Gregorian Calendar. Its day length is 31 days so that its the 6th month out of seven months that have 31 days length. October is named after the Greek and Latin word named Octo means eight.

October Symbols

  • Birth flower of October is calendula.
  • Birth stone of October are are the opal and tourmaline.

Month Long Observances in October

  • Health Literacy Month
  • International Walk to School Month
  • October is the Month of the Holy Rosary
  • Rett Syndrome Awareness Month
  • World Blindness Awareness Month
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Vegetarian Awareness Month
  • Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month
  • World Menopause Month

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