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What is HDFC Full Form

HDFC Full Form
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HDFC Full Form is Housing Development Finance Corporation

HDFC long-form is Housing Development Finance Corporation. It is an Indian-based financial company that is established in Mumbai, India. It was formed in 1977 and specialized in Mortgage Loans and it is the major housing finance provider in the country. It offers its services in different fields of life like banking, life insurance as well as general insurance, realty, education, asset management, venture capital, deposits, and education loans.

HDFC Full Form is Housing Development Fund Corporation

HDFC meaning is Housing Development Fund Corporation. It is a limited-equity housing finance company established in New York, USA. It was formed under article XI of the New York State Private Housing Finance Law and the Business Corporation Law.

HDFC Full Form is Huntington’s Disease Family Center

HDFC Stands for Huntington’s Disease Family Center.

HDFC Full Form is High Definition Flexo Consortium

HDFC definition is High Definition Flexo Consortium.

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HDFC Full Form is the High Desert Fencing Club

We can define HDFC as High Desert Fencing Club.

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