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SUM Full Form

SUM Full Form
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SUM Full Form is Software Users Manual

SUM stands for Software Users Manual. It is the publication provided by the manufacturer or developer. It assists the particular product or software user. Technical staff, product developer, or a company’s customer service staff have written this type of document. Manufacturers and developers provide the User Manual at the time of product delivery. Software Users Manuals include some information like Product name, Model or type number, Intended use, Features/accessories, Description of the main product elements, Description of the user interface, Safety warnings, Installation instructions, Description of how to use/operate the product, Troubleshooting section and instructions on how to solve problems, Maintenance information, Repair information, Information on disposal of the product and packaging, Technical specifications, Table of content, Index, Glossary, Warranty information, Contact details, etc.

SUM Full Form is Single User Monitor

SUM definition is Single User Monitor. This monitor system was developed for the mini computers or personal computers in 1977 by Hewlett-Packard. It is almost independent peripheral device in computer systems.

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SUM Full Form is Scalable Uncertainty Management

SUM long form is Scalable Uncertainty Management.

Some other SUM abbreviations are given below:

Software Update Manager
Security Update Manager
Software Updates Management
Service Usage Model
System Utility Module
Computer Software
Surface-to-Underwater Missile
Standard USAREUR Munitions
Spacecraft User ManualAstronomy & Space Science
Science Utilization ManagementBusiness Management
Simplified Unified MessagingNetworking
SND Full Form
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