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PWD Full Form In English

PWD Full Form
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PWD Full Form in English is Petroleum Warfare Department

PWD meaning is Petroleum Warfare Department. It is the UK Government petroleum organization established in 1940 during WW II. The initial task of this organization was to use petroleum as a weapon of war. Later this organization was tasked to clear the runways from the fog for aircraft landing.

PWD Full Form is Philadelphia Water Department

PWD stands for Philadelphia Water Department. It is the public utility of the water department of Philadelphia city and it was established in 1801. Its headquarters was located in Jefferson Tower, 1101 Market Street, Fl 5, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. It offers various types of water services to its customers like wastewater, integrated potable water, and stormwater services.

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PWD Full Form is Psychological Warfare Division

PWD full form in medical is Psychological Warfare Division. It was a joint Anglo-American organization set up during World War II in 1942 by the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The main objective of this organization was conducting white tactical psychological warfare against German troops and recently liberated countries.

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PWD Full Form is Public Works Ministries

PWD long-form is public works ministries. There are government ministries established for public works in any country. These ministries are formed in various countries for better administration and control over public works.

PWD Full Form is Plymouth and West Devon Football League

PWD definition is Plymouth and West Devon Football League. It is the football competition for the first time held in 2004 and is based in Devon, England.

PWD Full Form is Wilson Disease Protein

We can define PWD as Wilson disease protein. This protein is also known as ATP7B protein and it is located in the Trans-Golgi Network of the liver and brain. This protein level the copper level in the body after extracting the excess copper level.

PWD Full Form is Person(s) or People With Disabilities

PWD meaning is Person(s) or People With Disabilities. It is a group of people with various categories of disabilities.

PWD Full Form is a Portuguese Water Dog

PWD stands for Portuguese Water Dog. This breed is available in the coastal area of the Portuguese. Its other names are cão de água português, cão de água algarvio. Its nicknames are Portie, PWD, and Water-Dog.

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