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What is the GMT Full Form

GMT Full Form
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GMT Full Form is Greenwich Mean Time

GMT meaning is Greenwich Mean Time. It is the mean solar time calculated at the 0o longitude. It is calculated in various ways. For precision, the general term of GMT should not be used for technical purposes. It is calculated as the annual meantime when the sun crosses the Greenwich meridian and the sun reaches the highest point in the sky and it is calculated the meantime at the noontime 1200 hours.

GMT Full Form is Generic Mapping Tools

GMT stands for Generic Mapping Tools. It is the set computer software that is open source for the various types of image processing actions. It is used for displaying the XY and XYZ datasets and various types of map projections. GMT was initially released in 1988 by the developers named Wessel, Smith, and volunteers. Its stable release happened in September 2020. Its source code is written in C/C++ and it is compatible with Unix, Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

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GMT Full Form is Giant Magellan Telescope

GMT definition is Giant Magellan Telescope. It is the very big telescope mounted on the ground and located in the Vallenar, Trehuaco, Huasco Province, Atacama Region, Chile. It is the part of Las Campanas Observatory and still under construction.

GMT Full Form is Geometric Mean Titer

GMT definition is Geometric Mean Titer. It is the mean antibody titre for a group of subjects calculated by multiplying all values and taking the nth root of this number. Whereas ‘n’ is the number of subjects with available data.

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GMT Full Form is Garment Manufacturing Technology

GMT long form is Garment Manufacturing Technology. GMT offers detailed knowledge of this multifaceted process, systematically going from design, production to finishing, and quality control. It is finishing, care-labeling and quality control are also presented and explored under the garments technology.

GMT Full Form is Glass Mat Thermoplastic

Define GMT as Glass Mat Thermoplastic.

GMT Full Form is Giuseppi Maria Terreni

Giuseppi Maria Terreni is the Italian painter. He was born in 1739 at Livorno and died in 1811.

GMT Full Form is Global Mean Temperature

GMT meaning is Global Mean Temperature. It is the mean temperature calculated from all around the world by the meteorological agencies. In this regard, to get a complete picture of Earth’s temperature, scientists combine measurements of air on land and sea, which consist of ships, floats, and sometimes satellites. The temperature at each land and ocean station is compared daily to the “normal” value for that location and time, usually a long-term average over a 30-year period. The difference is known as the “anomaly” and helps scientists assess how temperatures change over time.

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GMT Full Form is Goal Management Training

GMT stands for Goal Management Training. It is a cognitive rehabilitation program based on scientific and neurological principles and is designed for people with leadership disorders to improve their organization and ability to achieve their goals. GMT is managed by one processor or in groups with more than 9 sessions.

GMT Full Form is Green Metric Ton

GMT definition is Green Metric Ton. It is the wood measurement unit at the specified specifications.

GMT Full Form is Grinding My Teeth

GMT define as Grinding My Teeth. It is the mental disorder during sleep time. GMT make the teeth vulnerable to cavities.

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