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RTGS Full Form in Banking

RTGS Full Form
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RTGS Full Form is Real-Time Gross Settlement

RTGS meaning is Real-Time Gross Settlement. It is the system for the transfer of money and this system allows the funds to transfer immediately on a gross settlement basis. This system settles the payments on an individual basis. RTGS is different from NEFT RTGS is based on the gross settlements as well as NEFT is based on the net settlements. RTGS is working for high-value interbank transactions and actions are done by the central bank of any country.

RTGS Full Form is the Royal Thai General System of Transcription

RTGS long-form is the Royal Thai General System of Transcription. This system was established in 1932 by the Royal Institute of Thailand and it renders the Thai alphabets to the Latin alphabets. It is used in government publications as well as on road signs. This system is almost similar to the ISO standards.

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