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CDL Full Form

CDL Full Form
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CDL Full Form is Common Data Link

CDL meaning is Common Data Link. It is the computer networking or telecommunication protocol established in 1991 by the US Department of Defence for secure communication purposes. CDL is used for imagery and signals intelligence. Technically it uses full-duplex mode for communication between two devices.

CDL Full Form is Commercial Driver’s License

CDL stands for Commercial Driver’s License. It is the type of driving license awarded to those drivers who are involved in the transportation of commercial vehicles or heavy-duty transport vehicles. Trucks, buses, loading vehicles, trailers are included in commercial transport vehicles.

CDL Full Form is California Digital Library

CDL long-form is California Digital Library. It was formed in 1997 by the University of California, United States of America. The main role of CDL is to provide support in scholarly information management and teaching and research.

CDL Full Form is Chief of Defence Logistics

CDL definition is Chief of Defence Logistics. It is the highest rank in British Armed Forces until 2007. Since 2007 it was changed as the Chief of Defence Materiel due to the merger of Defence Procurement Agency with Defence Logistics Organisation and formed called Defence Equipment and Support.

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There are some common CDL full forms are given below:

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RanksChancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
PoliticsChina Democratic League
InstitutionsChung Dahm Learning
College Du Leman
TelevisionCitadel Broadcasting Corporation
GovernmentCitizens for Decency through Law
Real EstateCity Developments Limited
TechnologyCanal Defence Light
ComputerCharacter Description Language
Compiler Description Language
Controlled Digital Lending
Space ScienceConfiguration Deviation List
Video GamesCall of Duty League
Food & Drinks
Container-Deposit Legislation
CDL Full Form

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