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APMC Full Form

APMC Full Form
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APMC Full Form in Medical is Agency Provided Medical Care

APMC stands for Agency Provided Medical Care. It provides reasonable and initial medical care to the concerned individuals. It is helpful for those who suffer minor occupational injuries or illnesses. These types of first aid are very necessary for life savings.

APMC Full Form is Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference

APMC long-form is Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference. It is a microwave event that provides participants from both academia and industries to exchange information regarding microwave systems.

APMC Full Form is Agricultural Produce Market Committee

APMC definition is Agricultural Produce Market Committee. It is the marketing board for farmers and large retailers that was established by the state government of India. Agriculture Produce Marketing Regulation (APMR) Act in practice to regulate these APMCs. APMCs are needed by every country or community to protect their agricultural products.

APMC Full Form is Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission

APMC abbreviation is Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission. This body is working under the Ministry of Energy of Alberta in Canada. It is responsible to accept the delivery of the Crown’s royalty share of conventional crude oil and selling it at the current market value.

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